CARDET after an invitation from the Ministry of Education and Culture, on Wednesday 30th of April, attended a presentation on development on Education and Sustainable Development, where it presented the following projects:

- “Intercultural Joint Awareness Raising – In.J.Awa.Ra” is a EuropeAid project which promotes the intercultural dialogue among the Global Youth

- “Make the Link”, a EuropeAid funded project, which envisions integrating issues around Technology Justice and Sustainable Development into the Design and Technology, Physics and Home Economics curricula of the formal education in Cyprus

- “Global Campus”, a EuropeAid project taking a non-formal, global learning, experiential approach that aims to increase the awareness, critical understanding and informed, constructive action for development of University students and other key stakeholders in the EU.

The presentation focused on the new data set for Education Sustainable Development, after the decade 2004-2014, in the basis which member states are invited to orientate their educational systems in relation to Education, Environment and Sustainable Development. The event attended NGO representatives and education related public services.