The Research and Development Centre CARDET ( has launched its three-year (2013-2016) EuropeAid project “Technology challenging poverty: Make the Link". CARDET participates in the project as a partner, along with the Practical Action (Lead Partner- UK), the Engineers without Boarders (UK), the Centre for Science Education (UK), the Oxfam Italia and the CCE (Poland). ‘Make the Link’ envisions integrating issues around Technology Justice into the Science and Technology curricula of the early secondary classes of the EU member states’ educational systems. Technology Justice - the right of all people to the technologies they need to live a life they value, without harming others now or in the future - will be explored in relation to the Millennium Development Goals, with a particular focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Technology Justice and Global Education methodologies (such a learner centred, participatory and dialogue led teaching), will be incorporated into exciting teaching materials, in a programme that includes schools outreach, teacher training and policy influence. A set of on-line and printed resources, will be developed, reaching over 13,000 teachers, while, training will be provided to more than 1600 teachers. Partners expect to gain the support from over 200 key influencers and decision makers for the project, resulting in the integration of global issues into the policy and/or high level practice at national and European context.