CARDET announces the 6th Innovative Learning Environmentsconference to take place on October 12, 2013 at the University of Nicosia. The event is organized by CARDET, The Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Nicosia.

The title of the conference is “21st Century Literacies: Reading, Creating, and Collaborating in Authentic Contexts” and it addresses teachers, academics, professionals, and anyone with interest in how to engage all learners and provide learning opportunities within authentic contexts.


We believe that 21st century skills are fundamental in preparing youth to enter a highly competitive and uncertain world. In addition to the traditional definitions of literacy (e.g. reading and writing), there is a whole new set of literacies that are important. New media literacies are skills that we all need to have, in order to function in the fast pace of our every-day life; they are competencies that we need to have in order to become citizens, workers, and lifelong learners. A few decades ago, a large number of media messages was produced and broadcasted to millions around the world. Now, everybody can create media and messages and share them via the internet and social networks. Kids are no longer consumers but also producers of messages, which has strong ramifications on the aims of education and the skills needed in the areas of reading, writing, and new media literacies. From a simple Facebook profile to a video and interactive portal, all these new media provide opportunities for kids to engage with and create the story and perform in front of a large audience online or in a blended format.

The conference is supported by the three research programs below. Case studies from each of these programs will also be presented:

During the conference, keynote speeches, case studies, panel discussions, poster presentations, and workshops will be offered. The language of the conference is English and participation is free. More information about the event can be found online at