The Make the Link project is now approaching its completion. The educational material for the lessons of Design & Technology, Home Economics, and Physics has been developed and localized to fit the needs of the teachers’ community in Cyprus.

On Monday, 6th of June 2015, CARDET delivered a pre-service teacher workshop, in the context of the project. The workshop was based on the Design & Technology educational material and was targeted at pre-service teachers. The Make the Link project coordinator of Practical Action, Julie Brown, was also participating during the workshop. The participants had the opportunity to learn about the theoretical background of the project, and for issues such as Technological Justice, Global Education etc. Also, they all participated in the workshop activities, implementing parts of the lesson plans and developing artifacts based on the Units developed for the Design and Technology lesson.

Participants had the opportunity to discuss with each other and exchange their thoughts and experiences. They also discussed about how the educational material could be integrated in the Cyprus educational system. They all expressed their satisfaction with the workshop and their willingness to participate in more workshops organized in the context of the project.

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